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Answer the following questions about William Shakespeare. Use the links below to help you.

1. When was William Shakespeare born?
2. Was he married? you have to give the name.
3. How old was Shakespeare when he published his first literary work?
4. How many sonnets did he write?
5. Tell the title of four of these sonnets.
6. Who are the main characters in the play " A midsummer night's dream"
7. Find the name of five shakespeare's works adapted to the cinema.
8. When did he die?
9. What's the name of his theater?
10.Who was the queen or king at that time?
11.Give the name of the people who wanted to close the theaters in that time.
12. Name four of his comedies.
13. Is Othello a comedy or a tragedy?
14. How was the relationship between England and Spain ?
15. Where did Shakespeare take his inspiration for writting HAmlet?
16. Did he write about the roman empire?
17. What is the name of the two families who lived in Verona?
18. What is the full title of the work: the Merchant of............

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Yolanda jb said...

Thank you for sharing your work about Shakespeare. I hope my students can learn something and have a good time reading about this great author