Thursday, 4 June 2009

Present Simple, Present Continuous, Present Perfect

Copy the text in your notebook and fill in the gaps using the correct tense form: Present Simple, Present Continuous, Present Perfect. Then, translate.

Hello, I _________ (be) Kate. I _________ (live) in Seatle with my family. I _________ (be) a Maths teacher for 15 years. I also _________ (like) Science, for that reason these days I _________ (do) a science course tobe a science teacher too. Everybody _________ (think) that I _________ (be) crazy because Maths and Science are different fields, but they _________ (be) wrong. I _________ (conduct) a survey in my school to my students and in the results it _________ (show) that if a student _________ (be) good at mathematics, he/she _________ (become) successful in science, as well.

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