Monday, 9 November 2009

20th anniversary: The Fall of Berlin Wall

For 28 years two months and 28 days the Wall divides Berlin into East and West. On the morning of 13 August 1961, road surfaces running through the centre of Berlin are *ripped up and *cobblestones *piled high to create barricades. The Wall is being built. The *bewilderment of Berliners to the east and west of the demarcation line at the time was as great as the joy of their *embraces when the long years of division came to an end on 9 November 1989.

A great concert was celebrated in front of Brandeburger Tor (Berlin) on 6th November. U2, Beyonce and many other superstars celebrated this important event.

rip up - romper
cobblestone - adoquin
pile - montón
embrace - abrazar

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