Saturday, 18 September 2010


Benefits of Learning Another Language...

There are many important reasons to expose children to another language at an early age. Although people of all ages can learn a second language, studies have shown that children's brains favor early development of languages. Therefore, the optimal time for children to acquire another language is between 2 and 8 years old. For this reason, we focus on teaching languages to children at an early age because we understand that this time period is critical and influential to the rest of their lives. And, learning another language does not confuse or hinder children, but it helps them to master their first language.

Researchers have also found that children who learn another language when they are young:
  • are more creative
  • are better at solving problems
  • score higher on both verbal and non-verbal intelligence tests
  • gain the ability to communicate with more people
  • read more literature
  • have a broadened appreciation of other cultures, people
  • achieve higher scores on standarized tests
  • attain and retain a native-like pronunciation
  • gain a competitive advantage in the workplace with enhanced career opportunities
  • are able to get beyond linguistic ethnocentrism
  • develop cultural respect
  • learn how another culture operates, how its speakers think and form their ideas into words
  • gain a new language with which to make friends, to enjoy songs, poetry; to travel to different places
  • become more proficient in their native language
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