Sunday, 28 November 2010

St. Andrew's Day - Scotland's National Day

On November 30th the world celebrates St Andrew’s Day, Scotland’s national day. Would you like to learn something more about this great country? Why not taking part in our contest? How?
  1. Print the worksheet below.
  2. Read the following links about Scotland.
  3. Complete the test and hand it to your teacher before 10th December.


Marta Bergillos Ruiz said...

Hi teacher!! I can't download this photocopy, and I can't print it because I haven't got printer. How can I download it for print it in a stationery store. Can you help me? Thank you! :)

Ángela Ruiz said...

Don't worry, Marta! I will print it and take it to class tomorrow. Thank you for your interest.

Marta Bergillos Ruiz said...

Thank you so much! :)