Friday, 18 March 2011

St. Patrick's Day - Ireland National Day

1. Look up the meaning of the following words. Use the following link:
leaf - clover - shamrock - stone - priest - kidnap - shepherd - slavery - parade - fairy

2. Read the text you will find on this web and answer the questions:

  • When do Irish celebrate St. Patrick?
  • What colour do they wear?
  • What was St. Patrick name?
  • When was he born?
  • How old was Patrick when he arrived in Ireland?
  • What did he use the shamrock to?
  • When did he die?
  • When was St. Patrick’s Day celebrated for the first time?
  • Where was St. Patrick’s Day celebrated for the first time?
3. Read the text and complete the sentences:

  • Many people wear a __________ to commemorate Saint Patrick's Day.
  • It is said that the Blarney stone has __________ properties.
  • A Leprechaun (Irish __________) looks like a little old man.

4. Translate:

Want to be lucky this St. Patrick's Day? Follow this advice: find a four-leaf clover, wear green, kiss the blarney stone, catch a Leprechaun if you can.



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