Saturday, 8 October 2011

Don't miss the meteor shower!!!!!!!!!

Today (8th October, 2011), anyone located on the Costa del Sol will have the chance to experience an amazing meteor shower.

This particular meteor shower is known as the Draconids – so named because they appear to radiate from the constellation Draco (Dragon) – these beautiful streams of light result when the earth ploughs through debris streams shed by a comet on its path around the sun; these become meteors when they hit the earth’s atmosphere and burn up, resulting in what we often refer to as shooting stars.

Earlier in 2011 an astronomer predicted that the Draconids might produce a spurt of 1000 meteors per hour for a brief window of time. So make sure you head out to an area with little light (the glow of city lights makes it difficult to see them), take a comfy beach chair and sit back to watch the amazing spectacle.

Apparently, the best time to see the meteor shower is between 8pm and 10pm and you need to look towards the north.


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