Sunday, 16 October 2011


  A Few Points to Keep in Mind  ( Use this as a check list)

ü      Use connectors to link your ideas logically and correctly. ( see list below )
ü      Use the appropriate style. Avoid contractions (don't/isn't/ hasn't etc)  in formal style.
ü      Use a varied vocabulary.
ü      Pay attention to the punctuation and to capital letters.
ü      Pay attention to the grammar.( For example, check the verbs, singular and plural, 3rd person singular -s, count and non-count nouns etc. )
ü      Don’t forget to skip a line between the different paragraphs.           
ü      While writing a draft, underline words or expressions you are not sure about.
ü      Rewrite (if necessary) and this time check with your dictionary.
ü      Count the words to see that you have not written less than you have to. Don't write more than you have to.
ü      Write legibly.
ü      NEVER hand in work without re-reading it carefully TWICE!!! (if you have time)

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