Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Change the world

Read the dialogue and answer the questions.

Mum, are we enviromentally-friendly?
Sue: I don't thinks so. It's not very important anyway.
Kate: But if everyone tried, it would make a big difference. And we could also save money.
Sue: Really? How?
We could save energy if we used energy-saving light bulbs...
Sue: But they're more expensive than normal ones!
Kate: Yes. But they don't break for a long time. You could save $20 a year.
Sue: Oh, that sounds like a good idea, then.
Kate: And we could save water too. If we didn't take baths -if we showered- we would only use a quarter of the water needed for a bath. And we should reuse shopping bags too, then we wouldn't need to get a new bag every time we went to the supermarket.
Sue: Well, now that you mention supermarkets, please take this bag. If you don't go and buy some sausages, we won't have any lunch today!

1. Are Kate's family environmentally-friendly at the moment?
2. Why are energy-saving light bulbs more economical than normal ones?
3. What saves more water -having a shower or having a bath?
4. How can we recycle shopping bags?

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