Monday, 13 April 2009

Second Conditional

(IF Clause)
(Main Clause)
If I won the lottery, I would buy a new house.


(Main Clause)
(IF Clause)
I would buy a new house if I won the lottery.

Note! We never use would, or wouldn't in the if clause.

Copy these sentences in your notebooks and fill in the gaps with the correct tense. Second conditional. Then, translate them into your language.
  1. If I _______ (win) the lottery, I would _______ (travel) around the world.
  2. If I _______ (be) in Brazil, I _______ (go) to Rio de Janeiro.
  3. If I _______ (be) you, I _______ (buy) that car.
  4. If he _______ (be) in my place, he _______ (not / do) this.
  5. If I _______ (have) more money, I _______ (buy) a nice apartment.
  6. If she _______ (have) more time, she _______ (travel) more often.
  7. If it _______ (not / be) raining, we _______ (go out).
  8. If we _______ (not / have) to work today, we _______ (have) a picnic.
  9. If you _______ (go) to Brazil, you _______ (not / want) to come back.
  10. If they _______ (speak) Spanish, we _______ (understand) them.
  11. If he _______ (not / live) by the river, he _______ (not / go) fishing.
  12. If I _______ (not / want) to go, I _______ (tell) you.
  13. If they _______ (work) for that company, they ________ (have) better salaries.
  14. If she _______ (write) a book, it _______ (be) a best-seller.
Do you want to listen to your sentences and correct them? Click here.

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